Boston: The Scientific Hub for Innovation

Published 26th March 2024

Boston: The Scientific Hub for Innovation

Cambridge, Massachusetts, home to over 250 biotech companies, boasts a thriving ecosystem for scientific innovation. Within the Kendall Square area, which encompasses more than 120 of these companies, accessibility is key. Situated conveniently near the Red Line train, Kendall Square provides an ideal location for companies to establish themselves and flourish. Notably, industry giants such as Genzyme, Vertex, and Moderna have established offices in this vibrant hub. The close proximity of companies, research labs, and academic institutions fosters collaboration, leading to exciting new breakthroughs and advancements.

It is not just home to Boston natives; companies from all over the world come to Cambridge, MA, to seek opportunities to help their businesses grow. It is a prime location for networking and connecting with companies in different global markets worldwide.


Cambridge, MA

Cambridge is a city full of history and innovation. In 1876, Thomas Watson received the first ever “long distance” phone call from Alexander Graham Bell in what is now known as Kendall Square. The biotech boom occurred due to the city’s 1977 rDNA research law. The law was a groundbreaking molecular biology advancement focused on developing recombinant DNA (rDNA). Cambridge passed its rDNA ordinance, aligning with NIH guidelines. This attracted many scientists, like Phillip Sharp (who founded Biogen in Kendall Square), to develop novel rDNA technology, which was discovered in his research lab. As more companies and talent moved to Cambridge, a surge of individuals in the STEM field emerged. In 2008, the MA Life Science Initiative was passed, and employment grew by an astonishing 96.5% (MassBio 2022). Additionally, in 2021, biopharma employment in MA grew by 13.2 %. Today, Kendall Square remains densely populated with biotech and pharmaceutical companies. It is estimated that by the end of 2025, projections between 26m and 59m square feet of the drug pipeline will be added to Massachusetts’ inventory.


Cambridge Innovation Center (CIC)

CIC Cambridge, located in the heart of Kendall Square, emerged as a flexible workspace to accommodate the industry’s growth. Tim Rowe founded the company to create a space where his entrepreneurial friends could co-locate and build their ventures in a fun, collaborative environment. CIC grew beyond Tim’s vision and now has 818 clients, a 95-walkability score and 257K+ rentable square footage. CIC network additionally expanded to include locations within the EU and Asia to assist clients in global development. It continues to provide an excellent space for clients looking to grow their business or have a customizable workspace tailored to the company’s needs. CIC is the perfect place for DLRC Inc. to establish its roots in the US. The resources and location CIC provides are invaluable. Being a part of the CIC network, DLRC can expand its client potential and offer the ability to serve as a US agent for those needing a US presence.


CIC Shared Spaces (Cambridge and Boston events | CIC)


CIC inspires and fosters new connections while hosting multiple events. CIC believes in growth through education and networking opportunities tailored to advance innovation globally. Venture Cafe, located on the building’s 5th floor at 1 Broadway in Cambridge, hosts weekly networking events to connect with the community of innovators, entrepreneurs, and small businesses.

CIC Venture Cafe (Programs | CIC)


Besides the scheduled events, CIC also orchestrates the possibility of connecting with others in an unplanned setting. Connections may form from run-ins on the floors, fully stocked kitchens, or other common areas. Fostering these potential connections always helps DLRC meet those who may need assistance growing their company. Having the ability to connect with others while making a coffee is a casual way of sparking conversations and connections that have the potential to be highly impactful.


DLRC Group’s Expansion to Boston

DLRC Inc., established in 2023 in Boston, Massachusetts, allows the company to offer acclaimed regulatory solutions in the UK, EU, US and beyond. The Boston office is headed by highly experienced regulatory expert Greg Dombal, who has taken on the position of President at the US office. He is ideally placed to serve as the US Agent for many of DLRC’s worldwide clients who do not have a US business presence, with the support of DLRC Group. The group has a deep understanding of the regulatory environment in the US and a proven track record of success. DLRC continues to grow to support clients’ needs from all over the world.

Read more about DLRC’s expansion with DLRC Inc. in the Press Release: DLRC Group Launches in the US with Boston Office, DLRC Inc.



Boston, Massachusetts, remains a top location for members of the STEM field or those simply looking to grow in the pharmaceutical field.

To adapt to an ever-growing market, DLRC recognizes the need companies might have when facing regulatory challenges in the US and has expanded its doors to help those needing support. The US office allows the opportunity to help grow DLRC and companies that need guidance. Cambridge, MA, is the ideal location to make all this possible. If you are looking for regulatory support from a global tram of experts DLRC can support your company across a wide range of products.

To speak to DLRC’s experts about how we can support your US filings, contact the team via


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