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DLRC is a group of award-winning, regulatory affairs consultancies; DLRC Ltd, Orphix Consulting GmbH and DLRC Inc. With multiple highly knowledgeable consultancy teams across two continents, DLRC provides world renowned regulatory affairs solutions.

Global Regulatory Services

DLRC hand picks the most suitable and experienced team for your regulatory submissions, connecting your business with perfectly suited experts from across the globe.

We get to know your business, projects, and products to provide bespoke, optimised regulatory strategies. From one off projects, to ongoing support, DLRC works flexibly, in a format that suits your team, business and goals.

Three Companies, One Vision

Our regulatory affairs consultancies unite to offer a seamless experience through a single point of contact. Spanning two continents, we harness the global power of DLRC Group to deliver world-renowned regulatory affairs solutions.

No matter the complexity of your regulatory challenges, trust us to provide unparalleled support and guidance, backed by years of experience and a deep understanding of global regulations. Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of working with DLRC Group, your gateway to unmatched regulatory excellence.

Our vision
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Representative Services

DLRC Group leverages its global positioning to deliver a wide range of regulatory solutions, including highly efficient Representative Services. Backed by our EU and US companies, we provide seamless and reliable support to clients worldwide.

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Submissions Management

Orphix Consulting GmbH

Discover the rich history of Orphix Consulting GmbH, DLRC’s esteemed EU company. From its emergence in Munich to its prominent role in DLRC’s specialised regulatory services, explore their journey of excellence.

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Orphix Consulting GmbH - A DLRC Group Company

Your Gateway to Unmatched Regulatory Excellence

Experience the efficiency and effectiveness of working with DLRC Group

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